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Development status and trend of phosphating enterprises

updatetime:2023-11-11 16:24:21

With the progress of phosphating technology, modern phosphating is developing towards low-temperature energy-saving, simple process, low investment and material consumption, and pollution-free direction. For example, the phosphating temperature has gradually decreased from high temperature (above 85 ℃) to medium temperature (45-85 ℃), low temperature (30-45 ℃), and even room temperature (5-30 ℃), and the phosphating treatment time has been shortened from a few hours to the current few minutes. The phosphating treatment method has also developed from pure impregnation to automated production of spray, roller coating, and immersion spray mixing methods. The phosphating system has evolved from the original unit system (only one metal ion is iron) to today's multiple systems (containing multiple metal ions such as iron, zinc, manganese, nickel, calcium, etc.). Phosphating additives have emerged from scratch, greatly improving the quality of the phosphating film and increasing the film forming speed, becoming an indispensable component in the phosphating solution.

In recent years, research on phosphating has mainly focused on the following aspects:

(1) Development from coarse crystal thick film to microcrystalline film: obtaining uniform, fine, and good corrosion resistance phosphating film.

(2) The conversion of film-forming substances from high concentration to low concentration is beneficial for reducing costs and reducing sediment.

(3) Replacing nitrite with a new type of accelerator can avoid the drawbacks of adding it at any time and generating too much sediment during use, and can also reduce the toxicity of the operating fluid.

(4) Room temperature rapid phosphating technology: The temperature is 5-30 ℃, and the time is 5-20 minutes. The phosphating film has good corrosion resistance.