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Shandong Yarong Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in January 2017 and is a leading global new material enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, and sales of organic phosphorus flame retardants. Its core products include phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, and organic phosphorus flame retardant series products. It is currently the enterprise with the most complete industrial chain and product models of organic phosphorus flame retardants in China. The Yarong New Materials Industrial Park, which is actively being laid out, plans 1000 acres of industrial land with a total investment of 6.7 billion yuan. It will construct five phases of projects, including four salt chemical new materials projects, 14 phosphorus chemical projects, and two lithium battery new materials projects. After completion, it will achieve a total output value of 32.8 billion yuan, a total profit and tax of 6.2 billion yuan, and create 2000 new job opportunities.

The company has a superior geographical location, close to the prosperous urban area, north to Mount Taishan Mountain, south to Qufu, east to Wenhe River, west to Feicheng Liangshan Mountain. It is at the core of the industrial and economic corridor of Tai'an City. The regional transportation advantage is particularly obvious, and the transportation is smooth and convenient. National Highway 104 runs through it from north to south. Beijing Shanghai and Beijing Fuzhou expressways pass through the country. The park is equipped with a ramp entrance of Shandong Biological High Technology Industrial Base (Tai'an), Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway The Jizao Railway passes through the border, reaching Beijing in 2 hours and Shanghai in 3 hours; It is 110 kilometers away from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, 360 kilometers away from Qingdao Port, and 280 kilometers away from Rizhao Port, all connected by highways.

In the past historical development, Yarong has planned to move quickly and demonstrated an astonishing speed of development. Shandong Yarong Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in January 2017; In April 2020, Yarong Biotechnology relocated to the south of Dongshou Road, Shiguhe Street, Chemical Industry Park, Ningyang Economic Development Zone (current site); In May 2020, the production lines of phosphorus trichloride and phosphorus oxychloride were put into operation; In October 2020, the flame retardant TCPP TCEP production line was put into operation; The flame retardant TEP production line will be put into operation in June 2021; In March 2022, we purchased a total of 160 acres of land east of Huafeng Road, south of Guchenghe Street, and north of Shiguhe Street in Ningyang Chemical Industry Park as a production base for 190000 tons of new flame retardant series products; In November 2022, the phosphorus pentachloride production line was officially put into operation.

The company currently has production equipment and capabilities for flame retardants TCPP, TCEP, TEP, phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorus trichloride, and phosphorus pentachloride. Faced with rapidly changing market opportunities, the company adheres to the principle of taking the market as the center and taking customers as the center. It opens up foreign trade markets and sells its products to Europe, the United States, Canada and other places, opening the way for the company to enter the international market and creating a new situation of healthy and rapid development. The global market share of products TCPP, TCEP, and TEP is among the top three, and the national market share of phosphorus oxychloride is among the top three.

In recent years, the internal management of the company has gradually moved towards standardization and institutionalization, completing work such as safety standardization, dual system and three system construction, improving the quality and efficiency of the company's business management work, and safeguarding safety production work. At present, the production capacity of phosphorus trichloride reaches 150000 tons/year, phosphorus oxychloride reaches 120000 tons/year, TCPP reaches 120000 tons/year, TCEP reaches 60000 tons/year, TEP reaches 30000 tons/year, and phosphorus pentachloride reaches 100000 tons/year.

The core values of Yarong are: innovation to explore the future, passion to overcome difficulties, integrity to establish oneself in the world, and dedication to repay society. Yarong Vision: Committed to becoming the world's largest producer of phosphorus based flame retardants, and a leading enterprise in the domestic lithium battery and salt chemical industry. Yarong Mission: To continuously provide customers with high-quality products and services; Create a good career development space for employees; Continuously striving to promote new industrialization for the country; To achieve capital appreciation and generous returns for shareholders. As stated by Chairman Wu Taotao, Yarong will be committed to becoming the leading enterprise in the construction of the global diversified matrix for phosphorus based flame retardants with the most complete and profound barriers. In the future, it will continue to expand its territory in the fields of phosphorus, fluorine, and salt chemicals, lengthening its existing industrial chain, expanding its scale, increasing its products, and continuously developing a circular economy, firmly contributing to the development of new industrialization, Join hands with upstream and downstream to jointly promote industry progress.

The Yarong New Materials Industrial Park, which is under planning and construction, covers a total area of 1190 acres and will be constructed in five phases, mainly covering projects such as 190000 tons/year of high-end phosphorus flame retardants and 150000 tons/year of potassium hydroxide.

Yarong will continue to expand its scale and promote the rapid development of the enterprise. All employees of the company will continue to work together, keep up with the times, explore and innovate, adhere to the corporate goal of standing firm in Tai'an, based in Shandong, facing the country, and going global. With a high sense of mission and responsibility, we will continue to provide high-quality products to users and society, and contribute new and greater strength to the development of the social economy!